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Aloe Dichotoma Moss Ball

SKU : MB009
Categories : Moss Balls

The main problem with this lovely aloe is over watering! In summer you only need to water once a week. In winter it needs hardly any water at all. Once a month is usually plenty.

Over time this aloe gets quite big and you will have to plant it outdoor eventually. When planting or re-potting, use soil with good drainage by mixing with river sand so that between watering the roots don’t rot. Occasional bone meal can be added if you want to give it a boost.

You will see that this aloe likes the outdoors and full sunlight.

Watch out for aphids and scale: [Scale looks like thousands of white flakes on the leaves but are actually tiny insects.

You can try washing the leaves with warm soapy water. If that doesn’t help within a few days, visit your nearest nursery and ask for a recommended insecticide.

Special note: This Aloe does not like frost so buy some frost cover from your local nursery in winter and cover your aloe if this is a problem in your area. Most Aloes flower in winter so you don’t want all those lovely flowers getting damaged by frost.