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Echeveria Moss Ball

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SKU : MB024
Categories : Moss Balls

This is a beautiful South American desert succulent. Locally it has been nicknamed the “rock rose”. Too much water is bad for this lovely ornamental plant. Once you have watered it, allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again. In winter let it stand dry for a week or two between watering.

It likes moderate to full sun. A perfect plant for sunny windowsills or as a filler plant outdoors. A lovely idea is to edge a flowerbed with these plants. Mealybugs love to eat its fleshy leaves so keep a look out. You can boil a little chilli and garlic in a litre of water. Cool and strain the water and spray it onto the leaves of your Echeveria to ward off unwanted bugs. If this doesn’t help, your local nursery will advise you on the correct insecticide to use.

For best results, remember to pinch off flowers after they have bloomed and withered to give your Echeveria all of its energy to grow.

Special note: If your area gets cold in winter (below 2 degrees Celsius) you may want to bring your Echeveria inside or put it under frost cover.